Charmaine Lawrence

Senior Property Manager, Ray White Gold Coast Property Management Centre

Charmaine started her career in property management in South Africa in 2001, moved to Auckland in 2004 and settled on the Gold Coast in 2011. She has over 15 years experience in the property management industry having worked in all the major real estate companies and has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she shares with clients and staff. Charmaine was promoted to a Senior Property Manager in April 2015 and leads her team's success in the prestige portfolio in Hope Island and Helensvale areas. Her outlook on property management is forever evolving and she believes that today's property manager should be a good negotiator and communicator and needs to have access to the latest technology in order to communicate timeously with landlords. She has always considered herself in this group and feels it is a privilege to manage property not a right. She is committed to utilising best practice methods when caring for her team's portfolio of properties. She uses her valuable experience, knowledge of residential property legislation and a professional and systematic approach to secure good tenants quickly as part of a strategy to maximise rental returns and capital gains for valued clients.

When it is time to invest in another rental property, speak to Charmaine and her team (GC Urban) who have the know how and dedication to make it a hassle free experience!


Charmaine has always been a pleasure to deal with always just gets the job done in a quick and formal manner. Her ability to be firm and fair at the same time to the tenants is great because then they know where they stand and it works out to be a win win for everyone. Can’t recommend her highly enough!


Many thanks for arranging a replacement key so promptly. I have already been able topick it up from the BC and thanks again for your excellent service with kind regards


On a personal note, I really appreciate your diligence and ownership in getting these long standing issues addressed with urgency