Building a family business in Sydney’s west

THE principal at Ray White’s newest western Sydney office in Mt Druitt says he’s determined to double his rent roll and grow sales in the next 12 months.
The incoming principal of Ray White Mt Druitt Wiltar Jajaw is an ambitious and determined 27-year-old with nine years experience in real estate.
“I am very reliable, my clients can always count on me. I have a good reputation and soon I will be backed by the powerhouse Ray White Group,” Mr Jajaw said, whose new office will open by the end of July.
“I have a proven track record in customer service and look forward to integrating my family into the Ray White family. Thanks to my wife Diana and our family who have been such big supporters of me and have helped me open the office. I want to thank them all for their help. I opened as a family business, and will stay that way forever.”
Ray White NSW Metro Markets CEO Andrew Crauford welcomed Mr Jajaw into the Ray White family.
“It’s so good to have Wiltar opening his new Ray White office in the heart of western Sydney. He’s lived in the area for the last 18 years, and is passionate about supporting his local community,” Mr Crauford said.
“Growth is the oxygen for a business like ours and we will help Wiltar and support him to reach his full potential.”
Mr Jajaw loves Mt Druitt and called it “a very beautiful area” with affordable stock for first home buyers, families and investors.
“Most people don’t realise how good Mt Druitt is. I just sold a fibro house with a DA on it for a subdivision and two duplexes for $975,000 and everyone was shocked. People were gobsmacked when they saw the house but it had such good development potential and the area has changed dramatically over the last few years, and all for the better,” Mr Jajaw said.
“The house I just sold for $975,000, would have been worth roughly $450,000 four years ago. The market is hot with new developments in this area.”
Mt Druitt itself is only 25-30 minutes from the proposed new airport at Badgerys Creek, and there’s been some significant investments in infrastructure with upgraded train stations helping change the face of the area.
“My focus is to grow my rent roll by another 100 managements in the next 12 months and double my sales and market share. I am 100 per cent confident we can do that,” Mr Jajaw said.
“I have been living in this area for 18 years and everything is here. There’s schools, medical centres and good roads. Everything is 10 minutes away. The outskirts of Mt Druitt was known as struggle street but not in Mt Druitt itself, it’s booming here now.