Award-winning agent makes a comeback

Rachel Lawrie joined Ray White in August 2016 after overcoming a life-changing car accident. Since then, she’s not only reestablished herself as an agent, she’s now a fully accredited auctioneer and is on track to become an Elite Performer next financial year.

“I’m selling at least four properties a month and that should lift to eight in the next six weeks. I’m now the auctioneer for all my own listings. The first auction I called was in the community I had worked in prior to my accident – 150 people came to watch. When I had finished, everyone applauded and I was invited to the local street Christmas party,” Rachel recalls.
Rachel Lawrie joined the real estate industry three years ago and quickly rose through the ranks as one of the most promising new agents in Adelaide.
As she began her ascent, Rachel was named the runner-up for best new international talent after just five months in the industry. Over the next two years, Rachel continued to excel until last year when she blacked out while she was driving.
“After I crashed my car, I was in ICU and ACU. I had a team of neurosurgeons and cardiac surgeons working to identify what had happened. They couldn’t pinpoint it and I was told my driver’s licence would be revoked indefinitely,” Rachel said.
The accident not only left Rachel without a licence, it put her career in jeopardy. And as a single mother of two, Rachel’s life was turned upside-down.
“The past months have not only impacted me; my daughters – who are nine and seven – are old enough to realise something is wrong, but too young to fully understand it. The independence I have lost as a single mother really started to take its toll on my family.
“The reason I had to move real estate agencies is because it was too far for me to travel without a car – I was really starting from scratch.”
Not one to back down to a challenge, Rachel started looking for solutions. She discovered Ray White South Australia’s business model that enables franchisee start-ups to access desks and full office facilities for a fraction of the cost of setting up a new office.
A transitional offering, this new model gives Rachel a gateway as she prepares to establish her own office
“It was the opportunity for me to continue my career. Now, with the help of Ray White, I can begin my own business – I work out of the corporate office in the City while I establish my own office in northern Adelaide. Ray White also hired an assistant who could drive me to and from work and appointments,” Rachel explains.
Now on track to have her own office established next financial year, Rachel is going from strength to strength.
“I’ve just been given my drivers licence back which has made me and my PA far more productive as a team. I’m making 230 calls a week, having 30 face-to-face meetings, appraising between 20 and 40 properties and listing a minimum of 10 each month,” Rachel said.
A liveability real estate specialist, Rachel’s works with a deep understanding of the sustainability and efficiency of homes.
‘It’s something I can bring to a client that not many other people can. I can appraise their home and suggest small improvements that will save substantial money over time and contribute to a better environment,” she said.
Rachel is as motivated as she has ever been. She’s currently going through property management training with Ray White and will be introducing a rent roll to her business this year.