Antoni Kozielewicz

Sales Associate, Ray White Wetherill Park

Antoni has had a great passion for Real Estate and has been involved in the industry for many years, there is nothing about the subject this agent doesn’t already know. He was raised in the Fairfield district and has an extensive knowledge of the area and more importantly the area’s Real Estate history. With an Online Auction background and understanding of what people’s expectations are, he believes that you have to consistently give 100% to get the best results for anything, specifically and most importantly for his clients.

Antoni is a constant learner and understands that to be successful you must always be on your game. This is why he has chosen to work for us at Ray White Wetherill Park and we’re more than happy to have him on board.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Antoni for any enquires you may have no matter how small or significant, as he is always there to help you in any way possible.