Andria Savva

Office Administration, Ray White Carnegie

Office Manager Andria Savva has been with Ray White Carnegie since 2004. Known for her excellent management and trouble-shooting skills, she ensures the office runs smoothly at all times, thereby offering clients a streamlined, efficient and highly professional service in their property-related transactions.

Andria loves the variety in her work and the dynamism of the Ray White Carnegie team. “There is something different to do every day. It’s always exciting and this fantastic team is great to work with,” she says.

In addition to speaking fluent Greek, the qualities she brings to her role include the ability to organise people and a cheerful disposition. In 2008, Andria’s professionalism was officially recognised with the highly-esteemed Administrator of the Year award. She credits her family and growing up amidst the ‘rough and tumble’ of three brothers for her excellent management skills. “It’s given me the ability to speak up and stand my ground,” she says.

On a personal note, Andria enjoys going to the gym, shopping and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys renovating properties—a growing passion that dovetails neatly with her burgeoning real estate career.


I have known Andria Savva for the past 6 years, her attributes are many. From working at the front desk to organizing the Ray White office in Carnegie she always comes across as friendly, efficient and a total professional. Dealing with the public can sometimes be very daunting, but I have witnessed her professionalism and caring attitude displayed in these matters. I wish her the best and I am assured that wherever she may be placed, Andria will only be an asset to that company.

Jenny Conyers

Work with Andria: Andria and I have worked on various projects during her employment at Ray White Carnegie. Amongst the various things Andria has assisted to implement and drive within the office are: The implementation of 'My Success' which aims to streamline an office's ability to track KPIs of salespeople; improving the sales support processes within the office; and managing & preparing for RW Carnegie 'planning days'. Andria has also begun taking an interest in the financials at Ray White Carnegie. Comments about Andria: Andria has a positive attitude toward all the tasks that are assigned to her by Matt Hurlston. Principals, in my experience, are great at generating ideas but are traditionally weak at implement

Tim Ear

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Andria Savva from Ray White Carnegie for a numberof years, and in that time have found her to be an absolute delight to deal with.Having worked in the Advertising/Real Estate Industry for over 10 years, I understand thepressure of working to deadlines can be challenging. Despite this, Andria consistently showsa high degree of competency; she is extremely organised and efficient. If all of my clients wereas easy to deal with as Andria, my job would be a breeze!

Tracey Sheridan