Ali Mian now has the world at his feet

WHEN Ray White star performer Ali Mian started as a rookie in real estate 14 years ago he was struggling to make ends meet with holes in his shoes and his car had been repossessed.
He walked to his appointments and spent a lot of time letterbox dropping to find listings.
But he craved success.
Fast-forward to 2017 and Mr Mian has now sold over $350M in property personally and he’s about to open his fifth Ray White business in the burgeoning Gold Coast suburb of Pacific Pines on June 26.
Mr Mian is the principal of the Ray White Runaway Bay Group incorporating Paradise Point, Sovereign Islands, Runaway Bay plus a commercial division and now Pacific Pines.
He has built one of the strongest sales teams on the northern end of the Gold Coast and has a specialised project marketing team and units division.
His multicultural network has more than 30 agents plus property managers, business development managers and administrative staff.
“I have been on property tours to China and I have Chinese speaking agents, as well as Greek, Arabic, Malaysian, Dutch, Croatian, Mandarin, Cantonese plus of course English speakers,” Mr Mian said.
“Our demographic is very diverse, and everyone brings their own knowledge and database but in the end we are all Australians and we work together and share and sell together.
“I have gone through two booms and two corrections and right now the Gold Coast feels very steady. There’s a lot of buyers and prices are not going to go backwards.
“Buyers are more educated than they have ever been. The GFC definitely taught people how to manage risk.”
Ray White Queensland CEO Tony Warland said he was delighted to see Ali Mian continue to grow from strength to strength.
“Ali is truly a success story who overcame initial adversity in his early years to become one of the most successful business owners in all of Ray White Queensland,” the Queensland CEO said.
“I am in awe of what he has achieved and I cannot wait to see what’s next for Ali and his team. They are all go-getters working in one of the most enviable lifestyle locations in Queensland.”
Mr Mian cited the Gold Coast rental market as very strong right now, supported by the construction boom centred around infrastructure for the Commonwealth Games.
“Tradies are proving to be good tenants as many have relocated from the mines,” he said.
“There is definitely a construction boom on the Gold Coast right now which is fuelling the rental market. If people are earning money, they spend money and it helps the whole economy to tick along well.
“We have a vacancy rate of less than two per cent and our average days on market for property managements is 8 to 10 days, and for house sales is 45 days.
“We have entry level homes in Coomera to luxury homes on Hope Island. Pacific Pines is an opportunity for us as it has exploded. I went for a helicopter ride and to see the growth in the area is phenomenal,” he said.
“Pacific Pines is a $120M market that caters for entry level to mid-range prices and there is huge potential for rent roll growth. With growing demand for properties from our extensive data base of buyers, we need more properties to sell specially in the price range of entry level to $800,000. So for me Pacific Pines fills the gap perfectly for my buyers. It offers very good value for money.”
Mr Mian said his goal was to keep attracting quality people and developing his staff.
“I want to train people in the Ray White family. I love seeing most people grow and become successful as I started as a rookie myself,” he said.
“When I started I walked the streets doing letterbox drops, I was really broke looking for listings. I had holes in my shoes and my car got repossessed. I remember once my principal asked me if I would like a lift home that night and I said, “no, because I got myself into this and I’m going to get myself out of it”.
Mr Mian came to the Gold Coast from Pakistan 21 years ago to study hotel management and commerce.
“I craved success and one of the sales agents from Runaway Bay used to come to my small takeaway shop and I would always end up selling her food that she didn’t want to eat. So she kept telling me to come and sell real estate. I never turned up for meetings and they used to call me the ‘phantom’ agent.
He eventually turned up and the rest is history as he was destined for big things.
Ray White Media Manager
Alex Tilbury
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